Yes, I’m still here

Wow, apparently it’s been three years since I’ve written a post here.  Where did the time go?

A week or so ago I decided it was time to start going through a bunch of my old backup CDs and sift …

Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

You lived long and prospered. We will never forget you.

Leonard Nimoy 01

“He’s not really dead as long as we remember him.”…

Green Springs Park

I ventured out to Green Springs Park a while back and took a few photos.

Old photos

I found a few old photos taken around my hometown a few days ago.  They were tucked away in an old envelope in a box of my stuff, it’s amazing they’re still around as much as things have been shuffled …

A Dose of Reality

I thought I’d take the time to update my blog and plug a personal project of mine.

Stop by and check out A Dose of Reality.  A Dose of Reality is a new peer-run, grassroots social media community in …