Old photos

I found a few old photos taken around my hometown a few days ago.  They were tucked away in an old envelope in a box of my stuff, it’s amazing they’re still around as much as things have been shuffled …

A Dose of Reality

I thought I’d take the time to update my blog and plug a personal project of mine.

Stop by and check out A Dose of Reality.  A Dose of Reality is a new peer-run, grassroots social media community in …

A Home of Her Own

Jennifer Lawson is a former philosophy graduate student who was diagnosed with severe OCD and Schizophrenia during her studies. After 5 in-patient stays and 5 attempts to re-enter the workforce, she has decided to take the advice of her doctors …

A shave and a haircut

I got all my hair cut off and shaved my beard today.

beard01 hair02