Kicker HP1973 Headphones

Earlier this week I acquired a set of Kicker HP1973 headphones to replace my old set of ear buds. In the last couple of years I’ve gone through several sets of ear buds, none of which I really cared for. Most ear phones lack low-end bass response, but so far these haven’t disappointed me. If you’re like me you have also trouble with ear buds falling out but these over the ear headphones are extremely comfortable and lightweight.  Plus I love the retro design.

Upon getting these unboxed I immediately grabbed my iPod and selected Hotel California from the Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over album.  I must say I was blown away by the bass response.  The highs aren’t quite as bright as I’d like, but I attribute some of that to my hearing loss.  The next test came a few minutes later when I played Daz Dillinger’s My System.  For those who haven’t heard this song it’s bass heavy and will put even a high end stereo to the test.   Once again these didn’t disappoint as I was greeted with tight bass and crisp, clean sound. Overall I’m extremely satisfied.

Sonic Electronix has these on sale for $29.99 and offers free ground shipping.  If you’re looking for an affordable audiophile grade headphone I’d suggest picking up a set while they last.


HP1973 Headphones | KICKER.