For Sale page added

My site now has a page with items I have for sale.  This page will be updated as items are sold and new items are offered so be sure to check it often.  You can find it by clicking here

Chattanooga, Tennessee vacation pictures

I finally found the CD with the pictures from my trip to Chattanooga in 2006.…

Raspberry Pi | An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25.

The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to offer two versions, priced at US$25 and $35 (plus local taxes). The Foundation started accepting orders for the …

Researcher publishes specs for real Linux-powered Star Trek tricorder

The Star Trek tricorder has become a reality, thanks to the hobby project of a cognitive science researcher. Dr. Peter Jansen has developed a handheld mobile computing device that has a number of sophisticated embedded sensors. The device is modeled …

A shave and a haircut

I got all my hair cut off and shaved my beard today.

beard01 hair02