Doteasy sucks | domain name transfer woes update

Damn these people are dense.  Finally got a reply.


Thank you for your respond.

Unfortunately, we are unable to release the domain without a expired
domain transfer fee of $xxx.xx.
I understand that you want to have your domain registered somewhere
else, maybe the hosting service as well. But instead of discussing
about the domain transfer issue, may I suggest you to have the domain
renewed in the first place, so that we can point your DNS (hosting
name server) to the new hosting firm that you are transferring to? I
also understand that you may not want to renew with us, but my
concerns is that you website is current offline. As a responsible
hosting company, we like to keep your website at 100% up time since
your domain and hosting are still with us.

After 60 days of a domain renewal, feel free to contact us to request
a domain transfer again, we will more then happy to assist. If you
have the DNS from your new hosting company, please do provide them to
us, we can point the name server over to them.

Please be reminded that hosting and domain name are 2 different
services. Even though when your domain name is renewed with Doteasy,
it does not affect your hosting service that hosted by another

Please consider that your website up time is the most important matter.

I hoped that you would understand me. I am here to help and suggest.

Thank you.


God damn, are they fucking stupid?

I’ve ALREADY PAID FOR A RENEWAL AND HOSTING FROM A NEW REGISTRAR AND HOST. I even got a message saying the transfer was completed, followed by a message saying it was denied due to a domain lock. All of this took place BEFORE THE DOMAIN EXPIRED.

domain name transfer woes update.