Doteasy sucks | domain name transfer woes.

Copied & pasted from an email message a couple days ago so I don’t have to retype everything.

So I’ve owned a personal domain name & website for several years but haven’t really done much with it other than use it for hosting a few pictures & files.  Since the hosting & registration were coming up for renewal I decided to move both the domain registration & hosting to a provider that we use that hosts several other sites, that way everything is all on one account and I can revamp the website and do something with it.

Last week I pulled all my files off the old host, initiated the transfer, and got the message from the new registrar that the domain transfer was completed.  Followed a few minutes later by another message saying transfer failed due to an ineligible domain status.

I contact the old provider through their customer service link to find out what the deal is, but didn’t hear back from them until this afternoon.  FYI, the domain expired last night.  So their reason is that the domain was locked (I’ve always opted out of paying extra for domain locking and the control panel said it wasn’t locked. Apparently they lock all domains any way) and they are now telling me now that since the domain is expired I have to pay a domain release fee in order for it to be released to the new registrar.  Get this, the release fee is the same amount dollar wise as their domain renewal & basic crappy hosting for the year.

Bullshit, I say.

FYI as of today I’ve filed a complaint with ICANN and their local BBB.

The company in question is :

Doteasy Technology Inc
210 3602 Gilmore Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4W9

PHONE: 604 434-4307
FAX: 604 608-6832

I told them in a message to customer service that if I didn’t get this resolved to my satisfaction that I would post this on every email group, blog, and social networking site I’m on.  So go to work people!  I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this.


domain name transfer woes.